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CAE : FEA/Kinematics/Dynamics/CFD

Product Name: ANSWER
Company: ACRi

The new, better-than-ever version 6.0 of ANSWER, the general purpose CFD Software developed by ACRi is released. On top of the many stability and versatility features built into the solver, ANSWER now comes bundled with CFDStudio, the integrated development environment for CFD applications.

Product Name: CFDStudio™
Company: ACRi

CFDStudio™ is the new Integrated Development Environment (IDE) developed by ACRi, for use in CFD problem setup. The initial release supports ANSWER™ and PORFLOW™ only, but plans of providing support for other software are underway. In technical terms, CFDStudio™ is a "wysiwyg" (what you see is what you get) type of development environment for CFD applications.

Product Name: PORFLOW
Company: ACRi

The new version of PORFLOW - #1 choice of simulation software among consultants and researchers alike in the Ground Water Flow and Nuclear Waste Management fields - is here. On top of the many stability and versatility features built into the solver, PORFLOW comes bundled with CFDStudio™, the integrated development environment for CFD applications.

Product Name: RADM™
Company: ACRi

RADM™ is a Random-Walk model for simulation of dispersion processes in turbulent fluids.In particular it has been successfully used for air pollution studies. It employs a stochastic approach to solve the governing transport equations for motion of an inert or reactive species. It allows for arbitrary fluid and particle velocity to be superimposed on a random (or turbulent) motion of particles.

Product Name: TIDAL™
Company: ACRi

TIDAL™ software package simulates the hydrodynamics and water quality behavior of large scale water bodies such as bays, estuaries, rivers, lakes and coastal waters. It incorporates the effects of a number of important physical processes on the water body; these include currents, tides, winds, gravitational and coriolis forces, bathymetry, friction, sources and sinks, and chemical reactions.

Product Name: AMPS Finite Element Solvers
Company: AMPS Technologies Company

AMPSol is a multi-physics finite element analysis program developed for simulations in stress, thermal, flow, and electro-magneto analyses, including steady-state, transient/dynamic, instability buckling, and modal analysis abilities with fully coupled formulation.

Product Name: AMPS Pre & Post Processing
Company: AMPS Technologies Company

AMPView is a graphical environment for the user to define all necessary finite element modeling parameters such as material data, boundary conditions, and analysis controls. It links the solid modeling geometry to the discrete FE based modeling specifically designed for FE analysis data graphical association.

Product Name: FloCAD
Company: C&R Technologies, Inc.

FloCAD® is a Thermal Desktop® module that allows a user to develop and integrate both fluid and thermal systems within a CAD based environment. Like Thermal Desktop, FloCAD is a graphical user interface for SINDA/FLUINT. With FloCAD, the mechanics of building fluid submodels is very similar to that of building thermal submodels, with many of the commands working on components of both types of submodels.

Product Name: RadCAD®
Company: C&R Technologies, Inc.

RadCAD® is a thermal radiation analysis module available for use with Thermal Desktop® or stand alone. RadCAD CAD-based program which computers radiation exchange factors, view factors, for radiation dominated systems such as cryogenic dewars, in addition to capabilities to calculate terrestial and extraterrestial solar heat rates.

Product Name: SINDA/FLUINT
Company: C&R Technologies, Inc.

SINDA/FLUINT is a comprehensive finite-difference, lumped parameter (circuit or network analogy) tool for heat transfer design analysis and fluid flow analysis in complex systems. It is used at over 500 sites in the aerospace, electronics, petrochemical, biomedical, and automotive industries, and in over 25 countries.

Product Name: Thermal Desktop
Company: C&R Technologies, Inc.

Thermal Desktop® is a PC based design environment for generating thermal models of electronics and vehicles. Using Thermal Desktop, engineers can use CAD drawings either directly as a thermal model, or indirectly as scaffolding for fast "snap on" attachment of Thermal Desktop elements, surfaces, and solids. Thermal Desktop is a graphical user interface (GUI) for SINDA/FLUINT.

Product Name: CADRE Pro
Company: Cadre Analytic

CADRE Pro is a structural engineering application for Windows with the Microsoft .Net 2.0 framework or later installed.   Windows is delivered with the .Net framework already installed. A principal emphasis in CADRE Pro is the understanding and predicting the behavior of structures under load. Consequently it is a valuable educational tool as well as a powerful commercial analysis application.  

Product Name: Ultrasonic transducers
Company: CEDRAT

For applications requiring high ultrasonic power, CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES distributes Ultrasonic Industrial Processors (UIP) throughout France and Europe. They are ultrasonic Langevin transducers made by Hielscher, a German partner. Hielscher's wide product range of ultrasonic processors for industry allows a seamless scale up from lab samples to bench top or prototype units and, for most of them, to full industrial scale.

Product Name: PHOENICS
Company: CHAM Ltd

A wide range of environmental conditions can be assessed in a fraction of the time, and at a fraction of the cost, taken to carry out field experiments or wind-tunnel tests. PHOENICS helps architects and builders to determine, among other things:
  • If structures create unwanted wind tunnels
  • Where to site fire exits to maximise safety
  • Where heating and ventilation outlets should be sited to maximise impact

Product Name: Comet/Optronics (STOP)
Company: Comet Solutions, Inc.

Developing complex, high resolution optics systems is a multi-disciplinary R&D challenge requiring a high degree of technical collaboration between mechanical designers and optical systems design engineers as well as experienced structural and thermal analysts.  The Structural/Thermal/Optics Performance (STOP) evaluation of a telescope or laser system is a critical element of today’s optics system design process.

Product Name: Comet/Structural Dynamics
Company: Comet Solutions, Inc.

Comet/Structural Dynamics is a specially-packaged bundle that enables an engineering team to determine the performance of complex rigid and flexible body dynamics systems, leveraging widely-used commercial codes such as Pro/ENGINEER, NX, SolidWorks, MSC ADAMS, MSC Nastran, ANSYS, and Abaqus. By integrating access to these codes into a common data model and user environment, collaboration between project team members is greatly facilitated. And, engineering best practices are captured, refined and shared across the many disciplines involved in a new product program (design, structural analysis, program mgmt, suppliers.) While problems typically associated with data re-creation and disconnected data silos are eliminated.

Product Name: CAEFEM
Company: Concurrent Analysis Corporation

CAEFEM  finite element analysis systems consists of state of the art Windows based CAEFEM analysis software and FEMAP pre and post processor. CAEFEM is a general purpose finite element analysis software developed for Windows from scratch in C/C++ languages. FEMAP is a finite element modeler and post processor which supports solid modeling based on ACIS and/or Parasolid engines. Hence solid model geometry can be imported into FEMAP for automatic mesh generation, application of loads and boundary conditions and the for performing analysis. CAEFEM is very closely integrated with FEMAP through DDE ( Dynamic Data Exchange) interface.

Product Name: bConverged CalculiX
Company: Convergent Mechanical Solutions

Designed to solve your most challenging simulation problems, our bConverged software products are ready and available when you need them, giving you the freedom to focus on what’s really important—getting your project done efficiently and effectively at a cost you can afford.

Product Name: DISPLAY IV
Company: Cranes Software Inc

DISPLAY IV, a powerful interactive graphics pre- and post-processor, makes complex finite element modeling, analysis and results interpretation a cinch. Since its introduction in 1974, DISPLAY has been continuously developed to reflect the latest advances in computer graphics.

Product Name: NISA/Heat
Company: Cranes Software Inc

NISA/Heat is a general purpose finite element program to analyze a wide spectrum of problems encountered in heat transfer.

Product Name: CoolitPCB v.6.00
Company: DAAT Research Corp.

The power of CFD, but not the price. Daat Research breaks all barriers keeping PCB designers from tapping CFD, the most powerful technology for board thermal design.

Product Name: CAD Morpher
Company: Detroit Engineered Products

The CAD-Morpher is an innovative concept that allows users to morph existing CAD data directly to new target shapes. It's ability to handle both CAD and CAE models makes it a perfect link between CAE and Design teams. In today's industry there is increased pressure on engineers to push to the limits of design. Multiple design concepts are to be explored before converging on an optimal design that satisfies most of the constraints imposed. All of this makes it necessary to build more than one model while designing.

Product Name: Hexa Mesher
Company: Detroit Engineered Products

Create automatic hexahedral (100 %!!!) meshes from skin mesh geometry of  a very complex components such as engine blocks, cylinder heads etc.

Product Name: Meshworks - Morpher
Company: Detroit Engineered Products

"MeshWorks Morpher" is a path breaking software that enables the user to rapidly change an existing FE / CFD Mesh into a new target shape without having to redraw it in the CAD system. This disruptive new technology saves significant time and money for new product development. Major Automotive, Aerospace and Consumer Electronics companies have been licensing and using this software  product since 2000. Meshworks Morpher tools can be used throughout the product development phase of any product:

Product Name: FEA Compliant Modeler
Company: Dimensional Control Systems

Traditional variation analysis methods are considered to be "rigid-body" or "non-compliant" modeling; meaning, that every part within the assembly does not flex or would not be distorted through an assembly process such as welding, clamping or unclamping of an assembly fixture.

Product Name: DynaSim©

DynaSim© is a user-friendly ship dynamics simulator that incorporates Systems Identification Techniques to determine ship maneuvering characteristics. Once these parameters are known the simulator can accurately reproduce  ship motion in the presence of waves, wind, currents, and obstacles or other ships. Multi-threading enables simultaneous simulation of multiple ships.

Product Name: FEMtools Dynamics
Company: Dynamic Design Solutions N.V. (DDS)

A superelement is defined by grouping a number of elements and solve for this substructure separately. Superelements offer great time-savings in application that require significant re-analysis like time-domain and frequency domain responses analysis, design
optimization, probabilistic analysis, robust design and multi-body simulations. Superelements are also used to overcome situations where a full solution is not even possible because of limited computer resources (internal memory, disk space).

Product Name: FEMtools™ Framework
Company: Dynamic Design Solutions N.V. (DDS)

FEMtools Framework is a multi-functional environment for advanced engineering application development, integration, automation and customization. The framework includes utility tools like data interfaces, database management utilities, parameter and response management, state-of-the-art data visualization, a scripting language and API function library.  

Product Name: FEMtools™ Model Updating
Company: Dynamic Design Solutions N.V. (DDS)

FEMtools is a multi-functional CAE program thatincludes various tools for true integration of FE analysis and static or dynamic test data, automation of CAE processes and development of data preprocessing and postprocessing tools.

Product Name: CFD-ACE+
Company: ESI Group

CFD-ACE+ is an ideal engineering design and anaysis tool used by over 400 organizations worldwide because of its unique ability to model a wide range of physical and chemical phenomena -- from vehicle aerodynamics to microfluidics, from semiconductor processing industry to modeling of fuel cells.

Product Name: CFD-FASTRAN
Company: ESI Group

Specifically designed to support the aerospace industry, it employs state-of-the-art multiple moving body capability for simulating the most complex aerospace problems including missile launch, maneuvering and staging, and aircraft flight dynamics and store separation.

Product Name: StressCheck
Company: ESRD (Engineering Software Research and Development, Inc.)

StressCheck has utility modules that offer functionality to import NASTRAN bulk data format, to import CAD models and to perform 2D and 3D automatic meshing. StressCheck provides industry-leading post processing options which include error estimators for the assessment of the quality of approximation: Global error estimation in energy norm and local error estimators for any data of engineering interest.  StressCheck is based on the p-version finite element method. Because the p-version is a more comprehensive implementation of the finite element method than the h-version,  StressCheck can be operated in the “h-mode”.     

Product Name: modeFRONTIER
Company: ESTECO s.r.l.

modeFRONTIER is a multidisciplinary and multi-objective software written to allow easy coupling to any computer aided engineering (CAE) tool.
modeFRONTIER refers to the so-called “Pareto Frontier”: it’s the ideal limit beyond which every further implementation compromises the system; in other words, it represents the set of best solutions possible. The complex algorithms within modeFRONTIER can spot the optimal results, even conflicting with each other or belonging to different fields.

Product Name: Coupling to 3D CFD
Company: Flowmaster Ltd

The MpCCI Flowmaster Adaptor allows Flowmaster to co-simulate with 3D CFD applications such as Star-CD (from CD-adapco) and Fluent (from ANSYS) through MpCCI (Mesh-based parallel Code Coupling Interface). The MpCCI Flowmaster Adaptor brings together the speed and robustness of 1D system modelling with the complexity of 3D CFD.

Product Name: Flowmaster V7
Company: Flowmaster Ltd

Flowmaster is an industry leading fluid flow solution.  Its advanced virtual modelling system enables you to carry out complex simulations throughout your development process, enhancing your design decisions and ensuring sustainable return on investment.

Product Name: ThermNet v7
Company: Infolytica Corporation

ThermNet simulates the steady-sate and transient temperature distribution of specified heat sources. Coupling with MagNet provides accurate electromagnetic-thermal analysis for devices such as electric machines (motors and generators), transformers, sensors, coils and induction heating.

Product Name: FIELDVIEW
Company: Intelligent Light (makers of FIELDVIEW)

FIELDVIEW is powerful CFD post-processing software to quickly identify important flow features and characteristics in your simulations. It allows interactive exploration for thorough understanding of your results. Examine and compare cases, extract critical values, and make compelling presentations.

Product Name: j2 Builder
Company: J2 Aircraft DynamicsLtd

Using your key specifications as its starting point – aerodynamics, component positions, weights and so on – j2 Builder quickly constructs a reliable aircraft model ready for assessment.

Product Name: j2 Freedom
Company: J2 Aircraft DynamicsLtd

The j2 Universal Tool-Kit’s flight modelling engine, j2 Freedom enables users to create trim and response scenarios and use these models together with previously created aircraft to perform static and dynamic analyses.

Product Name: j2 Virtual
Company: J2 Aircraft DynamicsLtd

See your aircraft in flight with J2 Virtual. This plug-in provides a unique 3-D viewing capability, which shows the aircraft and its characteristics during any manoeuvres.

Product Name: j2 Visualize
Company: J2 Aircraft DynamicsLtd

j2 Visualize, the data display plug-in of the j2 Universal Tool-Kit, enables designers to create monitors, graphs and traces with which to view the data either as an analysis is underway or as a post processing tool.

Product Name: KineoWorksTM
Company: Kineo C.A.M.

KineoWorksTM is a core software component dedicated to motion planning which enables "automatic motion" of any mechanical system or virtual artifact in a 3D environment, ensuring collision avoidance and respecting kinematics constraints.

Product Name: LS-DYNA
Company: Livermore Software Technolgy

LS-DYNA is a general purpose transient dynamic finite element program capable of simulating complex real world problems. It is optimized for shared and distributed memory Unix, Linux, and Windows based, platforms.

Product Name: Motor-CAD
Company: Magsoft Corp

Motor-CAD is a unique software package for exploring the thermal design of electric motors and generators. Motor-CAD has incorporated revolutionary lumped-parameter technology to simulate either the Steady State or the Transient thermal response of a machine.

Product Name: CFD analysis
Company: Maya Heat Transfer Technologies Ltd.

MAYA HTT’s TMG-Flow solver provides a powerful and comprehensive solution to computational fluid dynamics (CFD) problems.  Combined with TMG-Thermal, it solves a wide range of multi-physics scenarios involving strong coupling of fluid flow and heat transfer. 

Product Name: CFD++
Company: Metacomp Technologies

CFD++ can efficiently solve compressible flows (at all Mach numbers) and incompressible flows, including both single and multi-species treatment, reacting flows, multiphase flows, steady and unsteady flows, rotating machinery, conjugate heat transfer, porous media, etc. Various topography-parameter-free models are used to capture turbulent flow features.

Product Name: MIME
Company: Metacomp Technologies

MIME (Multipurpose Intelligent Meshing Environment) is very powerful, yet so simple to use. As a result, up front and concurrent CFD can be as much part of product development as CAD.

Product Name: Easy5
Company: MSC.Software Corporation

Easy5 is a schematic-based simulation software that allows you to model and simulate dynamic systems containing hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical, thermal, electrical, and digital subsystems.

Product Name: SINDA/G
Company: Network Analysis, Inc.

SINDA/G is a Finite Difference Analysis (FDA) thermal analyzer used for advanced thermal modeling by NASA, Aerospace companies, and other industries worldwide. SINDA/G is the commercial version of SINDA, and is produced by Network Analysis Inc.

Product Name: SINDA/G for FEMAP
Company: Network Analysis, Inc.

With the Advanced Thermal Modeler based on FEMAP, users can quickly build or import CAD models, set loads, and then analyze the model with our graphical interface

Product Name: SINDA/G for Patran
Company: Network Analysis, Inc.

SINDA/G for Patran fully integrates SINDA/G into MSC.Patran. It has all SINDA/G advantages as the best professional thermal analyzer, and full Patran functions as the world wide famous pre and post FEM processor.

Product Name: THERMICA
Company: Network Analysis, Inc.

An integrated thermal design environment utilizing SINDA/G and a Monte-Carlo ray tracing radiation program. Perfect for the design of satellites and other space-bound objects. Developed by Matra Marconi Space, this product is sold in the United States exclusively by Network Analysis.

Product Name: Zebulon
Company: Northwest Numerics and Modeling, Inc

Zebulon is an advanced object oriented FEA program with many non-linear solution capabilities. The program is designed to be flexible for the user and provide solution options not found in other codes.

Product Name: GOTHIC Version 8.0
Company: Numerical Applications, Inc

GOTHIC is a versatile software package for transient thermal hydraulic analysis of multiphase systems in complex geometries. GOTHIC solves the conservation equations for mass, momentum, and energy for multi-component, multiphase flow. A multi-block 3D grid with generalized flow connectors to connect the grid blocks is used to model complex geometries and systems. Many specialized features are included to model and control equipment typically found in ventilation and hydraulic systems (pumps, fans, valves, heat exchangers, etc.) A typical use of GOTHIC is to model nuclear reactor containment buildings.

Product Name: FlexPDE 6
Company: PDE Solutions, Inc.

FlexPDE does not merely pass a translation on to some other package for processing. In fact, FlexPDE is designed to be the package other applications call for processing.

Product Name: Gridgen
Company: Pointwise, Inc.

Gridgen is our flagship product. It is the meshing software used by engineers and scientists worldwide since 1984 to reliably generate high quality grids for engineering analysis.

Product Name: Pointwise
Company: Pointwise, Inc.

Pointwise is a software solution to the top problem facing engineering analysts: mesh generation for computational fluids dynamics (CFD). The Reliable CFD Meshing You Trust...

Product Name: GridPro
Company: Program Development Company

Gridpro is an automatic, object-oriented, multiblock grid generator. It provides users with a highly efficient, interactive capability to build topology, edit surfaces, set CFD boundary conditions, view grids and launch the grid generator.

Product Name: Vulcan
Company: Quantech® ATZ S.A.

The software for the simulation of several casting production processes, such as mould pre-heating, mould filling, solidification and cooling. Vulcan is a Finite Element software designed as a defect-prediction tool for the foundry engineer, in order to correct and/or improve his/her casting process, even before prototype trials are produced.

Product Name: IOSO Technology
Company: Sigma Technology

IOSO is a new generation multidimensional nonlinear optimization technology. It is a powerful instrument for finding new technical solutions that provide maximum possible efficiency for complex systems.

Product Name: FieldSim
Company: Simmetrix, Inc.

FieldSim is a component software module for storing, querying and manipulating solution information on a mesh. It provides standards ways to query simulation data from a wide variety of sources.

Product Name: GeomSim
Company: Simmetrix, Inc.

GeomSim provides the Simulation Modeling Suite with unique capabilities to access geometric information. A unified topological representation provides all of Simmetrix' products with direct access to geometry without introducing errors due to translation. Although the unified topological representation makes all geometry sources have equivalent representations, it ties directly to the underlying native representation of the model which is used to answer all geometric queries.

Product Name: MeshSim
Company: Simmetrix, Inc.

MeshSim is component software for automatically generating high quality unstructured meshes directly from CAD models. Functionalities for special meshing situations are offered through the MeshSim Advanced module. MeshSim interfaces with geometry through GeomSim which works directly off the geometric definition of a part stored in the modeling kernel or CAD system. This means there are no errors due to translation of geometric information. MeshSim can easily be interfaced to any suitable source of geometry.

Product Name: CFD module
Company: SimScale GmbH

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is the branch of CAE that allows you to simulate fluid motion using numerical approaches. The cloud-based CFD software component of SimScale allows the analysis of a wide range of problems related to laminar and turbulent flows, incompressible and compressible fluids, multiphase flows and more  — everything 100% in your browser, eliminating the barrier of limited computing power, accessibility and cost. With SimScale, heat transfer, moving and rotating parts and flows in a porous medium can also be investigated. Simulate and optimize your product early in the design phase with the world’s leading cloud-based CAE software.

Product Name: FEA module
Company: SimScale GmbH

The Finite Element Analysis (FEA) component of SimScale enables you to virtually test and predict the behavior of structures and hence solve complex structural engineering problems subjected to static and dynamic loading conditions. The powerful online simulation solution from SimScale uses scalable numerical methods that can calculate mathematical expressions that would otherwise be very challenging due to complex loading, geometries or material properties. SimScale has adopted a pay-as-you-go policy providing you with high-performance computing (HPC) directly in the Cloud, to help you design better products faster and more cost-efficiently.

Product Name: SC/Tetra
Company: Software Cradle Co., Ltd

SC/Tetra is an all-in-one general purpose  Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) software using unstructured mesh (tetrahedron, pentahedron and hexahedron).  It was developed in 1998 with the specific purpose of "Easily enabling calculation of  complex geometries"

Product Name: Design Studio
Company: Vanderplaats R&D, Inc.

Design Studio for Genesis is a design oriented pre- and post-processor graphical interface for the Genesis Structural Analysis and Optimization Software. Design Studio allows to display finite element models and to easily create GENESIS design data. It allows to display analysis as well as optimization results.

Product Name: GENESIS
Company: Vanderplaats R&D, Inc.

GENESIS is a fully integrated finite element analysis and design optimization software package, written by leading experts in structural optimization. Analysis is based on the finite element method for static, normal modes, direct and modal frequency analysis, random response analysis, heat transfer, and system buckling calculations .

Product Name: CARSIM
Company: VirtualCAE Servicos de Sistemas Ltda.

In partnership with Try Testes e Simulações VirtualCAE provides a vehicle dynamic simulation software from the Company Mechanical Simulation Corporation, Headquarter in Ann Arbor, Michigan (EUA)

Product Name: VMoveAPI
Company: Visual Collaboration Technologies Inc.

VMoveAPI provides an easy way for CAD/FEA/CFD Vendors or customers with in house developed CAE software, to export CAE models and CAE results into highly compact, light weight CAX files. CAX files are extremely compact in size which makes them easier to move, view and share.

Product Name: ANSYS CFX
Company: Wilde CFD Ltd

ANSYS CFX is the premier computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation program to solve the most complex fluid flow, heat transfer & chemical reaction problems faced by industry today. High accuracy is achieved quickly with robust convergence by unique coupled multi-grid solver technology.

Product Name: ANSYS AUTODYN from Wilde FEA
Company: Wilde FEA Ltd.

AUTODYN is a uniquely versatile explicit analysis tool for modeling the non-linear dynamics of solids, fluids, gas and their interaction. The focus is on providing the most advanced capability and yet a very robust tool, backed up by our first class support.

Product Name: ANSYS CFX
Company: Wilde FEA Ltd.

ANSYS CFX is the premier computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation program to solve the most complex fluid flow, heat transfer & chemical reaction problems faced by industry today. High accuracy is achieved quickly with robust convergence by unique coupled multi-grid solver technology.

Product Name: ANSYS ICEM CFD
Company: Wilde FEA Ltd.

ANSYS ICEM CFD provides sophisticated geometry acquisition, mesh generation, post-processing & mesh optimization tools. It is the only universal pre-processor for analysis including FEA, CFD & other CAE applications such as particle transport & computational electromagnetics.

Product Name: ANSYS LS-DYNA
Company: Wilde FEA Ltd.

ANSYS LS-DYNA is the premier software for the simulation of explicit dynamic engineering problems. It combines industry-leading explicit dynamic technology from LSTC with the powerful but flexible ANSYS pre- & post-processing capabilities

Product Name: Structural Mechanics
Company: Wolfram Research, Inc.

Structural Mechanics is not a replacement for huge and expensive finite element analysis (FEA) programs; rather, it is an easy-to-use application that allows you to experiment, gain new insights, and preprocess problems before you launch into computationally expensive and time-consuming finite element modeling.

Product Name: FlowZ
Company: Zeus Numerix Pvt Ltd.

FlowZ is an advanced CFD solver, ideally suited for variety of applications in almost every industry. It is offered as combinations of two modules, viz FlowZ - Density Based and FlowZ - Pressure Based, specifically tailor made for aerodynamics & thermal hydraulics analysis respectively. FlowZ works on most computer hardware / software combination and designed for parallel computing on PC clusters and HPC servers. Extensive restart facility is also available.
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