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Hardware : Measurement/Inspection Devices

Product Name: ARGUS
Company: APM Technologies

ARGUS measures form changes of sheet metal components.

It provides the 3D coordinates of the component’s surface as well as the distribution of major and minor strain on the surface and the material thickness reduction. In the Forming Limit Diagram, the measured deformations are compared to the material characteristics.

Product Name: ESPI
Company: APM Technologies

ESPI is a high sensitive measurement system for measuring very small deformations.

The interferometrical method ESPI is well suited to measure smallest 3D displacements and plane strain with a resolution of approx. 10 nanometers or 1 micrometer per meter.

Product Name: TRITOP Photogrammetry
Company: APM Technologies

TRITOP is an optical coordinate measuring machine.

This mobile technology is designed to define the exact 3D position of markers and visible features and offers time effective on-site measurement for

Product Name: ERGOSPEED II
Company: Brooks Automation

ERGOSPEED II™ is a highly reliable, ultra-clean 200mm SMIF load port solution for adaptive tool interface applications.

Product Name: HandyPROBE
Company: Creaform

The HandyPROBE arm-free probing system, powered by the C-Track™ dual-camera sensor, relies on a combination of advanced photogrammetry and powerful digital image processing. This unique duo generates high accuracy data, and increases the reliability and speed of the measurement process, whether on or off the production line. The HandyPROBE™ is a 100% portable measurement solution that gives you total freedom of movement, and allows you to increase your productivity and quality significantly!

Product Name: Handyscan 3D EXAscan
Company: Creaform

The EXAct scan, every time! Introducing the EXAscan™, the high resolution scanner from the Handyscan 3D™ line of truly portable, self‑positioning handheld laser scanners by Creaform. Based on the same breakthrough technology that has made the Handyscan 3D brand so successful, the EXAscan self-positioning handheld scanner offers increased resolution and accuracy. The EXAscan makes it possible to carry out EXActing 3D scanning projects with a level of detail and accuracy that no other handheld scanning system can achieve. The EXAscan is definitely the most flexible, freeform inspection device on the market.

Product Name: Handyscan 3D MAXscan
Company: Creaform

Larger than life! Up to this day and with conventional scanning technology, 3D scanning of large or very large parts, such as full-size cars and entire aircrafts, has always been a great challenge. This time is now over. Here is the MAXscan™, the newest portable and handheld laser scanner featuring the Handyscan 3D™ technology, combined with photogrammetry-level accuracy. Extensive length. Large surface. Bulkiness. These are no longer issues, thanks to the MAXscan. This new laser scanner has been designed for a sole purpose : to bring large parts data acquisition to the MAXimum level of accuracy ever reached with a 2-in-1 device. When dealing with large parts, the MAXscan laser scanner is the most powerful ally in reverse engineering and inspection.

Product Name: Handyscan 3D REVscan
Company: Creaform

REV up your scanning power! Catch the REVolution in 3D scanning with the REVscan™, part of the Handyscan 3D™ line of self-positioning scanners by Creaform. Here is the REVscan™, the innovative self-positioning handheld scanner that has completely changed the way reverse engineering, design, shape acquisition and 3D inspection are done. Powerful, accurate and truly portable, the REVscan definitively maintains its technological edge.

Product Name: Handyscan 3D VIUscan
Company: Creaform

A full palette of possibilities! Once again, Creaform pushes the limits of portable 3D scanning with the introduction of the VIUscan™. This new self-positioning scanner opens the door to quick, affordable and accurate color scanning processes. With this breakthrough scanner, Handyscan 3D definitely shifts to 4D! Part of a well-renowned line-up of advanced 3D scanners, the VIUscan is the only truly portable handheld 3D color scanner to deliver such accurate and hyperrealistic results

Product Name: ABS Acoustic Bubble Spectrometer

The ABS Acoustic Bubble Spectrometer is an acoustics based device that measures bubble size distributions and void fraction of bubble in liquids.

Product Name: DynaPerm

DynaPerm®  is a system for enhanced filtration of particles from liquids. Laboratory experiments have produced flux rate increases of a factor of 50 over conventional cross flow filtration with comparable or improved effluent quality. The initial efforts to develop the technology were funded by Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) awards from the National Science Foundation.

Product Name: FARO Gage
Company: FARO Technologies, Inc.

The FARO Gage is a portable CMM that increases measurement productivity and flexibility while enhancing accuracy. The Gage saves time and money by replacing cluttered inspection areas with one tool that can do it all. Setting up in seconds, the FARO Gage allows anyone, anywhere to measure parts and assemblies directly on the machinery producing them or on your inspection surface plate.

Product Name: FARO Laser Scanner
Company: FARO Technologies, Inc.

The Focus3D is a high-speed 3D laser scanner for detailed measurement and documentation. The Focus3D uses laser technology to produce incredibly detailed three-dimensional images of complex environments and geometries in only a few minutes.

Product Name: FARO Laser Tracker
Company: FARO Technologies, Inc.

The FARO Laser Tracker ION is the most advanced, state-of-the-art FARO Laser Tracker ever introduced. Using our extensive knowledge of real-world measurement applications, we were able to develop the most accurate laser tracker available while still making it simple and easy to use and maintain. The ION also features a longer measurement range, lighter weight, and contains the fastest, most sophisticated distance measuring system: Agile Absolute Distance Meter (aADM).

Product Name: FaroArm
Company: FARO Technologies, Inc.

The FARO Edge is the most advanced, state-of-the-art FaroArm® ever introduced. As the industry leader, FARO once again raises the bar in portable measurement with the revolutionary Edge. Designed with your input and built with our experience, the Edge continues to eclipse competitive models in every category. There is no comparable alternative product for the shop floor.

Product Name: 700 Series
Company: Florite International, Inc.

The 700 Series is an economic one loop microcomputer-based instrument incorporating a digital input, as well as a relay output. Other 700 Series features include rate metering, dual totalizing, easy menu navigation, multiple audio/visual alarm functions, a serial RS-232 port, LWAN (modem) communication, and a high contrast backlit LCD display.

Product Name: 900 Series
Company: Florite International, Inc.

The 900 Series is an economic one loop microcomputer-based instrument incorporating user selectable digital and analog inputs, as well as analog and relay outputs.  Other 900 Series features include .005% high accuracy PID, batch, and dose control functions. Additionally, the 900 Series encompasses rate metering, dual totalizing, onboard data logging, easy menu navigation, multiple audio/visual alarm functions, a serial RS-232 port, LWAN (modem) communication, and a high contrast backlit LCD display.

Product Name: Model 990X
Company: Florite International, Inc.

The Florite Model 990X is an innovative, technically superior, high quality and reliable microcomputer-based controller suitable for any commercial or industrial application. The instruments user configurable screw-terminal channels enable any mix of up to eight inputs and or outputs regardless of the signal type. Unlike standard fixed instrument platforms, any standard sensor signal can be quickly connected directly to the Model 990X allowing the user to select from a vast number of sensor and control products, decreasing the total system cost.

Product Name: N920 - Embedded Controller
Company: Florite International, Inc.

The Model N920 is an embedded version of the 900 Series instrument incorporating user selectable digital and analog inputs, as well as analog and relay outputs.  Other Model N920 features include .005% high accuracy PID, batch, and dose control functions. Additionally, the Model N920 encompasses rate metering, dual totalizing, onboard data logging, easy menu navigation, multiple audio/visual alarm functions, a serial RS-232 port, LWAN (modem) communication, and an optional high contrast backlit LCD display.

Product Name: NOVA™
Company: HEM Data Corporation

NOVA™ is a PC-based noise and vibration analyzer designed for Windows® XP, 2000, NT, 98. By combining the best signal conditioning and acquisition hardware with HEM Data’s software designed especially for noise and vibration analysis, NOVA offers a powerful, yet compact, lightweight, portable analyzer. This combination enables HEM Data to offer key functions at an affordable price, that is significantly less than the cost of a dedicated analyzer.

Product Name: KCP (KUKA Control Panel)
Company: KUKA Robotics - Industrial Robots

The KCP has an 8" full-graphics color display (VGA resolution, 640 x 480). This means that all the necessary control tasks can be performed directly on the robot – from commissioning the robot controller to creating and controlling programs, right up to diagnosis. The Windows interface running on the KCP guides the user through all procedures and allows fast and efficient programming.

Product Name: Occubot
Company: KUKA Robotics - Industrial Robots

The measuring system provides six measurement dimensions for forces and torques and ensures absolute accuracy. This provides the user with data about the actual forces and torques being exerted on the contact surface between the dummy and the seat. To adapt the overall system to a different seat, it is merely necessary to redefine the Base coordinate system.

Product Name: Surveyor DM-Series 3D Laser Scanners
Company: Laser Design Inc.

The Surveyor® DM-Series is an excellent choice for manual 3D Scanning of small to medium sized parts that have complex shapes and/or free-form surfaces.  The DM-1620 also features manual CMM capability as an economical option.

Product Name: Surveyor DS-Series 3D Laser Scanners
Company: Laser Design Inc.

Now more accurate, automated, faster, and easier to use than ever before, the Surveyor® DS-Series system offers the ultimate capabilities for scanning difficult shapes. Available in a broad array of sizes, the DS-Series features full CMM capability as an option.

Product Name: Surveyor FA-Series
Company: Laser Design Inc.

Laser Design offers its SLP 3D laser scanning probes as an integrated option for 7-axis FARO® Platinum, Titanium, Quantum or Advantage arms. Ultra-affordable and easy-to-use, the SLP laser probes combined with a FARO system are an ideal match for laser scanning on all types of parts.

Product Name: Surveyor ZS-Series 3D Laser Scanners
Company: Laser Design Inc.

The Surveyor® ZS-Series sets a new standard for precision and ease of use in 3D measurement. Systems are available in many sizes to accommodate a wide variety of parts and applications. The Surveyor ZS-Series systems are CE rated, making them an ideal choice for worldwide customers.

Product Name: 6B/6D digital autocollimators
Company: Nikon Metrology NV

Brightfield and darkfield instruments for checking alignment and measuring angles Nikon Metrology's autocollimators check alignment and measure very small angular deviations to measure flatness or height by simple geometry. Darkfield model autocollimator is perfect for measuring small, flat mirrors. Brightfield model autocollimator utilizes hallmark Nikon optics to illuminate surface details.
Applications involve surface flatness inspection, alignment of components with reflective surfaces (e.g. CD player pickup lens) as well as measurements related to machine tools (e.g. Autocollimator 6D/6B straightness in movement of stages, angles of indexers).

Product Name: Adaptive Robot Control for more accurate absolute robot positioning
Company: Nikon Metrology NV

Accurate robot positioning in any circumstances Adaptive Robot Control activates a closed metrology-driven feedback loop that firmly increases the precision of industrial robots. Regardless whether robots are deployed for machining, inspection, applying beads or manipulating objects, roboting tasks are consequently executed with 0.1mm absolute accuracy,
irrespective of degrading phenomena like play, mechanical flexibility, backlash or thermal effects.

Product Name: AMI, Optistation and Nexiv semiconductor inspection and wafer mgmt systems
Company: Nikon Metrology NV

Advanced, versatile semiconductor inspection and wafer management systems Manufacturing equipment from steppers to the most sophisticated inspection systems has given Nikon invaluable experience in the field of microelectronics. This experience has allowed Nikon to become a worldwide leader in microelectronics technology and in the manufacture of advanced instruments designed specifically for the inspection of semiconductors and flat panel displays. • Automatic AMI-3000 and 2000 macro inspection systems feature high throughput and exceptional sensitivity
• P3 lithography inspection platform designed to improve product yield by capturing yield-limiting defects
• Optistation 3200, 3100, 3000, 7 and V series of 300mm wafer inspection systems
• NEXIV FOUP series of non-contact, fully automated wafer carrier measuring systems
• Eclipse series of semiconductor microscopes and NWL series of advanced IC inspection wafer loaders Features:
• Advanced and versatile semiconductor inspection systems
• Built for factory automation and contamination-free inspection
• Laser autofocus and CFI optics achieve new levels of brightness, sharpness, contrast and operability
• Integrated graphical software for wafer inspection and review

Product Name: Bridge CMMs : high-performance ceramic LK and entry-level aluminum CMMs
Company: Nikon Metrology NV

High-performance ceramic and aluminum bridge CMMs LK’s ceramic bridge and spindle components coupled with proven air-bearing design provide the ultimate in stiffness and stability, altogether delivering significantly improved repeatability. With super-light aluminum as a key structural component and air bearings on all axes, C3 bridge CMMs are high-specification and cost-effective metrology solutions for small to medium size applications.

Product Name: Eclipse series of industrial microscopes
Company: Nikon Metrology NV

Industrial microscopes at the forefront of optical and technological innovation Nikon Metrology offers a complete portfolio of industrial microscopes for a wide range of applications, from basic models to sophisticated systems for high-end inspection. The Eclipse range featuring optical and digital microscope systems offers outstanding versatility, performance and productivity to tackle practically any application. • Eclipse L300 microscope series of for large-size flawless inspection of LCDs and wafers
• Eclipse L200 series of microscopes for inspecting 200mm wafers and masks
• Eclipse LV150 series of microscopes for industrial inspection
• Small-footprint Eclipse LV100 series delivers superb optics and ergonomics
• Eclipse MA200 - An inverted metallurgical microscope
• SMZ series of stereo microscopes Features:
• Choice of observation methods: brightfield, darkfield, polarizing, Nomarski DIC, episcopic, diascopic, epifluorescence, etc.
• Upright or inverted microscopes
• Premium ergonomics for comfortable viewing through tilting eyepiece tube, easy accessible controls, electrostatic protection, vibration isolation, etc.
• Nikon’s acclaimed CFI60 optics achieve new levels of brightness, contrast and operability

Product Name: Gantry CMMs : high-performance ceramic LK CMMs
Company: Nikon Metrology NV

A new breed of large scale CMMs Nikon Metrology offers truly flexible and reliable gantry CMMs when size really matters. In addition to high accuracy with maximum volume, gantry CMMs support a variety of probing solutions, including touch-trigger digital, analogue and laser options. Nikon Metrology also provides customized gantry CMM projects that meet customers’ exacting requirements.
LK gantry CMMs are constructed using materials with high thermal stability to guarantee optimum accuracy.

Product Name: Horizontal arm CMMs : high-performance ceramic LK CMMs
Company: Nikon Metrology NV

The fastest high accuracy horizontal arm CMMs on the market Nikon Metrology’s complete range of horizontal arm CMMs provides unequalled performance in speed, accuracy and repeatability.
Ceramic guideways and air bearings used in the construction of LK H CMMs, offer stability at high velocity and acceleration. LK horizontal arm CMMs provide unique access to the measuring envelope and can be supplied as subfloor or floor level installations, or as part of fully-automated measurement cells.

Product Name: iGPS/iSpace for large volume for positioning, tracking and measurement
Company: Nikon Metrology NV

Modular positioning, tracking and measurement system for factory-wide deployment iGPS is a modular large scale metrology solution that transforms large fabrication facilities into accurate metrology-enabled areas. Within the facility, an unlimited number of handheld measurement probes or tracking sensors (fixated on tools and components) can operate concurrently.
Unique iGPS capabilities in terms of scalability, robustness and concurrent use provide quick return on investment as well as a solution that grows along with expanding manufacturing operations.
Predefined iSpace configuration packages use iGPS technology to track multiple measuring devices – handheld probes, articulated arms and laser radars – that can be operated concurrently.

Product Name: iNEXIV VMA-2520 tabletop multi-sensor CNC video measuring system
Company: Nikon Metrology NV

Multi-sensor CNC video measuring system The iNEXIV VMA-2520 is a lightweight and compact multi-sensor benchtop measuring system for fast, full-automatic and highaccuracy features. It is ideally suited for a wide variety of industrial measuring, inspection and quality control applications. The iNEXIV is designed to measure 3D workpieces, is touch probe ready, integrates the latest imaging processing software, and incorporates a new 10x optical zoom system and laser auto focus option.
The standard 10x zoom optics meet the industry’s demanding needs for superb resolution at high magnifications while offering a wide field of view at low magnifications. Low distortion optics and high-intensity white LED illumination sources improve contrast to enhance throughput. This combination assures reproducible measurements even for colorful parts.

Product Name: K-Scan MMDx handheld laser scanner for easy walk-around scanning
Company: Nikon Metrology NV

Walk-around scanning in large work volumes K-Scan MMDx is a handheld walk-around laser scanner for portable metrology applications in a large work volume. Continuous and precise probe tracking through the system’s Optical CMM and 20 infrared markers integrated into the laser scanner device eliminate all mechanical constraints for effortless scanning.
Accurate performance and superior ergonomics make K-Scan MMDx a user-friendly handheld scanning solution. K-Scan MMDx is the ideal tool for accurate part-to-CAD inspection and productive reverse engineering of large components. Dynamic referencing guarantees consistent measurement results even when the camera or the measurement object moves during scanning.

Product Name: Laser Radar for automated large volume inspection without targets
Company: Nikon Metrology NV

Automated large volume inspection Manufacturers of large structures face several inspection challenges: collect high-accuracy data on the shop floor in a large measurement volume, while speeding up measurement and reducing labour expenses. Laser Radar provides fully automated, non-contact metrology capability for large volume applications up to 60 meters. It reduces operator overhead, eliminates the need for photogrammetry dots and retroreflectors, and is able to measure
difficult-to-reach positions.
Besides extensive use on wings, fuselages and other aerospace components and assemblies, Laser Radar serves a variety of applications across markets.

Product Name: LC15 high-resolution line laser scanner on CMM
Company: Nikon Metrology NV

Digital laser scanning boosts inspection performance LC15, with its smaller field of view, perfectly suits digitizing small
or detailed objects with higher point density and tighter tolerances.

Product Name: LC60Dx high-performance line laser scanner on CMM
Company: Nikon Metrology NV

Digital laser scanning boosts inspection performance The all-digital LC60Dx brings laser scanner in the accuracy range of tactile measurement, while offering the advantage of capturing a multitude of measurement points. Equipped with state-of-the-art CMOS technology and powerful on-board data processing, the LC60Dx scanner more than triples today’s common scan rates. This enables manufacturers to drastically reduce the inspection cycle time for freeform parts, or boost the number of features that can be scanned in the same time frame.
To effectively scan surfaces with varying color or high reflectivity, LC60Dx provides automatic real-time adjustment of sensor settings for each individual point of the laser stripe.

Product Name: MF-1001/MF-501 Digimicro digital micrometers
Company: Nikon Metrology NV

Nikon's most advanced photoelectric digital length measuring systems Flawless contact measurements of dimensions, thickness and depth The MF-1001 and MF-501 Digimicro series offer flawless contact measurements of dimensions, thickness and depth. They feature measuring length equal to 100mm and 50mm respectively and accuracy of 1ìm at 20°C. Stands are available in ceramic, steelor granite for added stability and a wide variety of probe tips are available to suit most applications.

Product Name: MM-800/400/200 series of measuring microscopes
Company: Nikon Metrology NV

Measuring microscopes integrating digital imaging with industrial metrology Nikon's measuring microscopes offer performance, convenience and an unprecedented degree of flexibility for upgrading and expansion. The MM400/800 Series deliver complete digital control for maximum measuring accuracy in demanding industrial environments. Measuring microscopes are excellently suited to inspect and measure 2D and 3D small parts.
The MM-200 is a compact and lightweight measuring microscope with an affordable price for all who require precision and accuracy for measuring a variety of metal, plastic and electronic parts in all industries; especially automotive and electronics.

Product Name: ModelMaker MMDx handheld laser scanner
Company: Nikon Metrology NV

Intuitive scanning and one-click analysis The ModelMaker handheld laser scanners are ideally suited for portable 3D inspection and reverse engineering applications. MMDx camera technology is a major leap forward in 3D laser scanning, as it introduces high frame rate and a large stripe width up to 200mm for ultra-productive scanning. MMDx incorporates Enhanced Sensor Performance (ESP3) to scan all sample materials and surface finishes in a single move.
The digital camera benefits from a true non-interpolated resolution of more than a thousand points per stripe, providing optimum resolution for efficient scanning of freeform surfaces and features. ModelMaker is compatible with MCA series and many 3rd party articulated arms in addition to the K-Series Optical CMM system.

Product Name: NeoScope benchtop scanning electron microscope (SEM)
Company: Nikon Metrology NV

Combining digital camera familiarity with scanning electron microscope (SEM) capability The NeoScope benchtop SEM microscope features the powerful electron optics of an SEM, but is as simple to operate as a digital camera. Offering the high resolution and depth of field of a powerful SEM, NeoScope helps accelerate the pace of failure analysis of manufacturing materials.
Basic operation of the NeoScope is simple with auto focus, auto contrast and auto brightness controls. Samples can be loaded and imaged in less than three minutes, without requiring any special sample preparation. Pre-stored parameter files (recipes) allow the user to quickly and automatically set up the NeoScope for a wide variety of material samples. The NeoScope operates in both low and high vacuum modes and has three settings for accelerating voltage.
Offering image resolution up to 25nm, NeoScope also offers a depth of field unmatched by optical microscopes for superior live imaging and image capture. Additionally, a magnification range of 10X-20,000X is possible without any adjustments or lens changes. The specimen stage accommodates samples up to 50mm thick so that clear crisp images are possible even with larger samples.

Product Name: NEXIV VMR series multi-sensor CNC video measuring machine
Company: Nikon Metrology NV

Legendary optics combine with ultra-precise automated video measurement Nikon offers a complete line of NEXIV vision systems, each possessing Nikon's trademark optical quality and rugged design for the highest precision measuring tasks. The NEXIV automated video inspection systems range from small to ultra-wide measurement platforms, and offer a variety of optical head options. Model types providing between 80ìm and submicron accuracy. Submicron accuracy achieved by robust hardware design and maximum magnification module VMR–Z120X, featuring 8-step zoom up to 120X

Product Name: V-24B/20B/12B series and Horizon 14E/16E series profile projectors
Company: Nikon Metrology NV

Optical comparators with an effective screen diameter up to 600mm diameter Nikon’s profile projectors apply the principles of optics to the inspection of manufactured parts, by projecting the magnified silhouette of a part on a screen. To suit your specific application, each profile projector comes with multiple projection lenses, each featuring a different magnification, working distance and field of view size.
The V-24B top model has a large effective screen diameter of 600mm. Its superior magnification accuracy is ideal for measuring and inspecting profiles, surface conditions and other aspects of large workpieces.
The Horizon line of horizontal benchtop comparators yield powerful, reliable illumination for surface and profile inspection and measurement.

Product Name: XC65D(-LS) cross laser scanner on CMM for complex surfaces/features
Company: Nikon Metrology NV

Full 3D capture of complex features and surfaces Incorporating 3 lasers in a cross pattern, the XC65D captures all full 3D details of features, edges, pockets, ribs and freeform surfaces in a single scan. By digitizing complex features from 3 sides, the Cross Scanner acquires the complete 3D geometry of the features, driving the accurate extraction of positions and dimensions.
The Cross Scanner’s entirely digital operation boosts scanning frequency and drives intelligent laser intensity adaptation to scan any surface without user interaction.

Product Name: XT H 225 industrial micro X-ray and CT scanner for geometry and int. structure
Company: Nikon Metrology NV

Full inner and outer inspection of industrial components Detailed capture and measurement of internal component and assembly features is often vital for quality control, failure analysis and material research. XT H 225 offers a powerful micro-focus X-ray source, a large inspection volume, and high X-ray and CT imaging resolution. XT H 225 suits a wide range of applications, including inspection of small castings, plastic parts as well as material research.

Product Name: XT H 450 industrial micro X-ray and CT scanner for blades and castings
Company: Nikon Metrology NV

High power 450kV micro-focus source The XT H 450 sets a new reference for turbine blade measurement and NDT of small to medium castings. At the core of this powerful equipment is a 450kV micro-focus source, providing superior resolution and accuracy.
The curved linear array detector optimizes the collection of X-rays by eliminating scatter phenomena that typically corrupt 2D radiographs of blades and other metal parts.

Product Name: XT V 130 micro X-ray and CT scanner for electronics inspection
Company: Nikon Metrology NV

Compact, versatile and easy-to-use electronics QA system With the advent of many newer type of electronic components, surface inspection is no longer an option. As most electrical connections remain hidden for the eye, the ability to run premium quality real-time X-ray is more important than ever before. Designed for 100% (ì)BGA, multi-layer and PCB solder joint inspection, the XT V 130 X-ray system is a high-precision, flexible solution that facilitates defect analysis in loaded PCB boards. The system's Inspect-X software offers automated inspection functions and (optional) automatic board identification, which ensure high inspection throughput rates.

Product Name: XT V 160 micro X-ray and CT scanner for electronics inspection
Company: Nikon Metrology NV

Top-class inspection system for miniaturized electronic components Component connections on today’s compact and densely populated PCBs are hidden by other components, making X-ray the only viable inspection solution. XT V 160 is an easy-to-use, cost-effective and high-quality PCB inspection system targeting production facilities and failure analysis laboratories.
In automated inspection mode, samples can be inspected at the highest throughput. In manual mode, intuitive software and high-precision sample manipulation enable operators to visualize and evaluate the tiniest internal defects and deficiencies.

Product Name: LPT1
Company: Verisurf Software, Inc.

The LTP1 is the only true 3D laser projection system avalible anywhere. Designed to revolutionize your manufacturing applications, the LPT1 provides precise laser templating that is driven by any 3D CAD model data.
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