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Product Name: Hearing System
Company: 3Shape

Technologies for audiologists, manufacturers, service centers
3Shape leads the market for 3D scanning and CAD/CAM technologies for supporting digital design and production of customized hearing aid shells, earmoulds, noise protection and soft moulds.

Product Name: AutoEDMS
Company: ACS Software, Inc.

The AutoEDMS Engineering Document Management and Workflow System is designed for workgroups and multi-site enterprises. AutoEDMS helps manage computer-based files, data and programs -- from engineering to accounting and from production to sales.  AutoEDMS is often used by engineering and manufacturing firms and is currently managing files for thousands of organizations worldwide.

Product Name: BallOOn-IT
Company: Albitech Ltd

the inspection Geni BallOOn-IT shareware tool as a contribution to the SolidWorks Community . This tool will help you load a drawing and automatically BallOOn-It . Inspection Geni will balloon all dimensions of a given drawing with one click, producing a copy of a SolidWorks drawing with balloons included.

Product Name: Structural Mechanics
Company: ANSYS, Inc.

The ANSYS mechanical software suite is trusted by organizations around the world to rapidly solve complex structural problems with ease. Structural mechanics solutions from ANSYS provide the ability to simulate every structural aspect of a product, including linear static analyses that simply provides stresses or deformations, modal analysis that determines vibration characteristics, through to advanced transient nonlinear phenomena involving dynamic effects and complex behaviors.

Product Name: FlexNet Global Manufacturing Suite
Company: Apriso Corporation

In the ever-shifting global marketplace, manufacturing excellence depends on managing, controlling and synchronizing all production processes across the enterprise, quickly and efficiently, to respond to market pressures, seize opportunities and surge ahead of the competition. Getting there requires an integrated Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) system that synchronizes activities across one location or many, with as little interruption to your business as possible.

Product Name: AutoCAD LT®
Company: Autodesk, Inc.

AutoCAD LT® 2008 software is used for drafting and detailing by design professionals in all industries who require full DWG file format compatibility but do not require 3D capabilities, advanced customization, or network licensing of their software. AutoCAD LT® software makes all parts of the 2D design process more productive. Daily tasks are simplified, helping you concentrate on the design instead of the toolset

Product Name: AutoForm-Trim
Company: AutoForm Engineering GmbH

AutoForm-Trim is an add-on module for the tryout of trimming dies which is used to determine the optimum trim line and blank outline. In order to find the optimal trim line or blank outline

Product Name: Web Drawing Manager
Company: CAD Tech Resources, Inc.

Maintain your CAD drawing repository on the web. Securely share master drawings, as-builts, project drawings and plots with revision control. Avoid E-mail, firewall and distribution hassles. Track progress, retain revisions, create project drawings, update masters with as-builts, distribute contract documents, view prints and plots from anywhere, send reminders and route for approvals.

Product Name: cenitSPIN
Company: CENIT North America Inc.

The cenitSPIN dashboard is based on the latest web technology and is validated by Dassault Systèmes as a CAA product. The dashboard is tailored for each user and can be individually configured. All relevant information is presented in a compact arrangement and typical activities can be carried out directly from the dashboard. The correct information is available to the right user at the right time. This procedure reduces sources of error and tasks are recognizable as they become due. The dashboard's high degree of configurability and simple and intuitive operation make it very user-friendly and user acceptance is correspondingly high. With the agile introduction concept of cenitSPIN, the risks of a 3DEXPERIENCE implementation are greatly reduced. Based on out-of-the-box standard with preconfigured business processes, a system adapted to company-specific requirements and process is created quickly and flexibly using the cenitSPIN Configuration Engine. Changes are configured instead requiring elaborate programming. This procedure enables quick changes at any time during implementation. Later adjustments are also made easy, wherein high investment security is guaranteed. The support expenses for release updates are also permanently reduced. More information about cenitSPIN

Product Name: ECLISO
Company: CENIT North America Inc.

Users of an ECM platform work more efficiently if they have a user-friendly electronic file in place and use the actual ECM system as an archive for process support. CENIT ECLISO is such a file for IBM’s Enterprise Content Management platform. It reduces the complexity of day-to-day processes and simplifies the tasks of users, even of those, who don’t work on standardized processes and routine jobs, but rather have to meet constant challenges to find solutions to complex problems.

Product Name: Multiaxis
Company: CNC Software

Multiaxis machining can dramatically increase a shop’s competitiveness, and Mastercam’s multiaxis add-in offers a wide range of multiaxis machining strategies – both basic and advanced. With Mastercam, you have complete control over the three crucial elements of multiaxis machining: toolpath types, tool motion, and tool axis. And you get that control in a clear, easy to understand way.

Product Name: Port Expert
Company: CNC Software

Mastercam's new Port Expert add-on creates accurate, efficient head porting toolpaths on port surface or solid data. Port Expert uses a tapered lollipop tool, and has collision checks for the entire tool (shank, arbor, and holder).

Product Name: Media Data & Advertising Solutions
Company: Concurrent Computer Corporation

A comprehensive platform for increased revenues and reduced costs
Concurrent has extended its media data solutions portfolio to encompass video on demand (VOD), linear, interactive, DVR, online and wireless video consumption. The result: Service Providers now have access to the first complete, intelligent solution for collecting and aggregating data from television, online and mobile viewers. This advanced data management enables marketing, programming, advertising and operations teams to identify new opportunities for revenue growth and subscriber retention while capitalizing on operational efficiencies to reduce expenses.

Product Name: PLM Workflow
Company: Concurrent Systems Inc

The PLM workflow solution extends the base functionality of Creo Elements/Direct Model Manager (Formerly CoCreate Model Manager) allowing users to manage data and control their business processes, through graphical workflow descriptions.

Product Name: Analyzer Optimizer
Company: Dimensional Control Systems

Definition - Consumer's opinion of a product's ability to fulfill his or her expectations.   Perceived quality is a critical element of the product development lifecycle. Having the ability to assess dimensional build specifications, or customers “Perceived Quality” of fit and finish characteristics, in the digital concept design phase with advanced photo-realistic visualization (shape, color, material finish and texture), offers manufacturing companies a way to product quality before the costly investment in tooling begins.

Product Name: Data Reporting
Company: Dimensional Control Systems

collection device. This creates a single reporting format for all of your quality data; corporate wide. Unlike traditional reporting solutions, GDM-3D maintains the measurement data and report formatting so that report creation, updates and comparisons are fast and efficient - when you need it! SPC data are color coded in a multitude of available chart types and automatically linked directly to the CAD geometry. GDM-3D enables easy access to your critical data resulting in faster decision making and less down time.  When paired with the state-of-the-art 3DCS tolerance analysis software, engineers have the ability to root cause plant issues faster and more efficiently saving time and money!

Product Name: Web Reporting
Company: Dimensional Control Systems

In a day when product lifecycles are shrinking, and there is greater demand for getting quality products to market quickly, there is little margin for error. Engineering decisions must be made efficiently to prevent delays in program timing while also avoiding quality setbacks and cost overruns.  Delays in retrieving critical quality information to make informed engineering decisions results in slow and drawn out problem resolution.  As the old adage states, “time is money” and a nimble decision making process can save you a ton of it.

Product Name: Digitizers
Company: Direct Dimensions, Inc.

Using a point or ball probe on an articulating arm allows the user to collect individual 3D data points of an object in space. This method of data collection is the most accurate way to define the form of an object that is typically more geometric than organic. It is especially useful for reverse engineering applications when precision is the most important factor.

Product Name: Laser Scanners
Company: Direct Dimensions, Inc.

Laser Scanners are non-contact devices used to gather 3D digital data from a variety of objects. A beam of light passes over the object while a camera mounted inside the scanner records the position of the laser. This 3D data is then transferred to the computer and the image is "drawn" in 3D on the screen.

Product Name: DADiSP
Company: DSP Development

DADiSP (pronounced day-disp) is an interactive graphics worksheet -- a visually oriented software package for the display, management, analysis and presentation  of scientific and technical data. If you collect, manipulate, edit, reduce, transform, display or analyze data, DADiSP can handle and simplify your data needs. In short, if you work with technical data, DADiSP is for you.

Product Name: RuleDesigner DesignToCost
Company: ENGINEERING PLM Solutions

RuleDesigner® DesignToCost supports profitability by automating the quotation process and by dramatically reducing cost assignement times. RuleDesigner® DesignToCost offers an estimate of the  machine production cost in the initial phases of design.

Product Name: NISA Software
Company: Engineering Technology Associates Inc. (ETA)

ETA is pleased to announce that it has made the user-friendly PreSys™ finite element modeling environment available to NISA users world-wide.  This partnership allows NISA users to take advantage of its modern user interface, CAD interoperability, as well as its superb graphics capabilities.

Product Name: TWS AdvantEdge
Company: EnginSoft S.p.A.

Third Wave Systems AdvantEdge is the software leader in providing solutions for optimizing traditional and state-of-the-art machining processes. AdvantEdge suite of software allows aerospace, automotive, and cutting tool companies – along with their suppliers – to reduce the cost of machined components and get to market sooner.

Product Name: ImageSite
Company: eQuorum

ImageSite Suite Overview eQuorum’s ImageSite is an easy-to-use, single source document management system. Installation is simple and typically completed in just a few days, enabling users to recognize benefits immediately.
  • Totally Web Based and JAVA-less
  • Cloud Synching and Sharing Included
  • Comprehensive Security and Access Control
  • Mobile Data Management
  • Synchronization of Files among Multiple Locations
  • Single Viewer for All File Types
 ImageSite provides Engineering Document Management
  • Access to local files with an enterprise view of all files stored across multiple repositories
  • Flexible storage (folder) structures
  • Metadata (search criteria)
  • Flexible lifecycle and workflow processes
  • Document (and folder) level security models
  • Fully automatic version control capabilities
  • File synching across multiple locations

Product Name: EUROCOM D900F Panther Server Edition
Company: Eurocom Corporation

Mobile Server is a new category of notebooks designed with a professional user in mind. Software and/or database developers, training centers, military personnel, emergency relief organizations and service organizations who must frequently travel, yet need access to powerful computing, are the core target for Mobile Servers.

Product Name: SolidWorks Sustainability
Company: FEA Training Consultants

SolidWorks Sustainability software provides an assessment of the environmental impact of your complete design, seamless integration with your design process, and the power to create more sustainable products. SolidWorks Sustainability technology includes the diverse range of tools in SustainabilityXpress package (initial analysis of each part, alternative materials search, environmental impact dashboard) with the additional ability to apply them to both parts and assemblies.

Product Name: FASTBLANK®
Company: Forming Technologies Inc.

FASTBLANK® provides users with a fast and accurate method for developing optimal blank shapes. FASTBLANK® accounts for material stretch and deformation. It is specifically designed for estimators, engineers, account managers, and tool and die designers.

Product Name: PROGNEST
Company: Forming Technologies Inc.

PROGNEST is powerful nesting software specifically designed for nesting sheet metal blanks on progressive die strips. It automatically calculates the best nesting layout to optimize material utilization based on coil width and pitch constraints.

Product Name: FEMAP
Company: Geometric Solutions LLC

Real FEA Made Easy. FEMAP can simulate your engineering problems today. These days, engineers demand simulation software that is not only cost effective and easy to use, but with the power to model the toughest problem. FEMAP delivers just that – affordable high performance FEA modeling for the engineering desktop.

Product Name: Teamcenter
Company: Geometric Solutions LLC

TeamCenter connects people throughout the lifecycle with a single source of product and process knowledge. TeamCenter’s comprehensive portfolio of end-to-end PLM solutions gives you the flexibility to choose the right mix of solutions for your business needs.

Product Name: Teamcenter Express
Company: Geometric Solutions LLC

Teamcenter Express software comes with pre-configured templates and is easy to implement. Teamcenter Express provides a collaborative product data management (cPDM) solution that enables daily demands of collaboration and data sharing to be met by providing a single source of engineering data, together with highly efficient engineering task and process management.

Product Name: SolidWorks Data Management
Company: Graphics Systems Corporation

SolidWorks Data Management solutions enable complete control over all design information, eliminating concerns about version control or data loss. Files are securely stored and can be quickly retrieved using a variety of search attributes, such as part number, description, or workflow status. Collaboration and data reuse are promoted reducing duplicate files and redundant work.

Product Name: CAM-POST
Company: ICAM Technologies

CAM-POST is an advanced independent single source NC post-processing development, management and deployment technology supporting all major CAD / CAM / PLM systems, CNC controllers and machine tools.

Product Name: Xelec
Company: IGE+XAO Group

Xelec is the fruit of close cooperation between IGE+XAO and the largest French industrial companies (Renault, Michelin, Aérospatiale). Xelec, a modular and evolutionary product, functions on PC under Windows© NT.

Product Name: FIELDVIEW ATViewer
Company: Intelligent Light (makers of FIELDVIEW)

FIELDVIEW ATViewer lets you see your simulation as never before. You are free from the fixed and arbitrary viewpoints of animations and never need to create new animations with their time-consuming batch processing

Product Name: CADfix
Company: ITI (International TechneGroup Incorporated)

CADfix provides a solution for the problems of data exchange and re-use between different engineering systems and applications. It allows the user to import CAD data and then to repair and manipulate it to a form most suitable for the downstream application - with the main objective of eliminating expensive CAD model repair and rework

Product Name: CADIQ
Company: ITI (International TechneGroup Incorporated)

CADIQ analyzes, identifies, and highlights potential shape and fit (geometry and topology) problems within CAD models that may affect downstream applications, such as analysis, simulation, rapid prototyping, NC manufacturing and data exchange.

Product Name: j2 Universal Framework
Company: J2 Aircraft DynamicsLtd

j2 Universal Tool-Kit’s underlying framework and data management system, j2 Universal handles all the configuration control and plug-in management and provides a data centric approach to aircraft design and analysis.

Product Name: Thermal analysis
Company: Maya Heat Transfer Technologies Ltd.

MAYA HTT’s TMG-Thermal solver provides a comprehensive heat transfer simulation package, which allows fast and accurate solutions to complex thermal problems. Using advanced finite difference control volume technology, TMG-Thermal makes it easy to numerically simulate nonlinear and transient heat transfer processes including coupled conduction, radiation, free and forced convection, 1D duct flow hydaulic networks, and material phase change. Combined with TMG-Flow, it solves a wide range of multi-physics problems involving strong coupling of fluid flow and heat transfer. 

Product Name: Web Client R12
Company: MechWorks

Expose your CAD documents inside your Intranet or on the Internet, safely.  Define groups of users and set for each group the operations allowed and for each user the projects accessible.  Allow trusted user to check out and modify documents remotely.  Offer a simple query interface to the users outside your Design Team.

Product Name: Embedded Software
Company: Mentor Graphics – Mechanical Analysis (formerly Flomerics)

Mentor Embedded products build, debug, profile, analyze and optimize advanced embedded systems without proprietary IP constraints. Our comprehensive design solutions include open source tools, software/middleware, 2D/3D UI development, target hardware and custom services.

Product Name: FPGA
Company: Mentor Graphics – Mechanical Analysis (formerly Flomerics)

Welcome to Mentor Graphics ASIC and FPGA HDL Design Creation and Synthesis solutions. With two decades of HDL-based development tool experience, Mentor Graphics delivers a range of product solutions from concept to implementation for requirements through project management and development.

Company: MIE Solutions

MIE Maintenance™ is a revolutionary Machine and Equipment maintenance and preventive maintenance application. This software helps companies in asset intensive industries maintain their investments by managing these assets. MIE Maintenance handles both maintenance requests and predefined maintenance tasks to notify your maintenance teams to perform work.

Product Name: M-Files QMS
Company: Motive Systems (Now M-Files Corporation)

M-Files QMS is an easy and practical solution that helps manufacturing organizations and related businesses fulfill the documentation requirements associated with:
  • Quality standards such as ISO 9001
  • CE marking or labeling
  • Compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and EU GMP Annex 11
  • Audits associated with all of the above

Product Name: OmniBOMTM
Company: Omnify Software

OmniBOMTM is an easy to use, spreadsheet-like bill of materials (BOM) creation and processing tool. Although it is a module in the Omnify Product Suite, OmniBOM can be purchased as a stand alone product offering customers a comprehensive tool to create, edit and process BOMs.

Product Name: VB-Clean
Company: Paradigm Imaging Group

VB-Clean is a high speed black and white image processor designed for production scanning applications. VB-Clean can batch process A - J size documents where deskew, crop, despeckle, or rotation functions need to be performed simultaneously. VB-Clean also includes advanced features for more specialized image processing requirements.

Product Name: VB-INDEX
Company: Paradigm Imaging Group

VB-INDEX makes capturing index data from scanned engineering drawings a snap! The easy to use interface automatically displays the drawing title block so drawing information can be entered into the data input window. Since VB-INDEX is a multi-user system, large amounts of data can be captured quickly from multiple workstations.

Product Name: VisualBASE EDM
Company: Paradigm Imaging Group

Windows based document management solution that provides an easy to use, secure environment to store, locate, and manage engineering documents. Through integrated state-of-the-art components, VisualBASE EDM delivers powerful services for viewing, redlining, printing, editing, and converting a wide range of industry standard formats.

Product Name: Predator PDM
Company: Predator Software Inc.

Predator PDM is a manufacturing driven Product Data Management designed to organize and control CNC programs, setup sheets, safety procedures, quality documents, and others with complete revision control. Predator PDM supports paperless shop floor operation with integration with DNC, CNC Editor, Virtual CNC, MDC and Tracker.

Product Name: OpenDXM

OpenDXM is the complete solution for the automated, reliable, secure and convenient exchange of engineering data for your company. OpenDXM enables both internal and external data exchange and can be easily integrated into your system environment.

Product Name: OpenDXM® GlobalX

The OpenDXM® GlobalX portal solution allows you to exchange data with your partners in a secure, reliable
and easy-to-use environment. OpenDXM® GlobalX offers a highly secure encryption concept, and
it is optimized to allow the reliable transfer of large volumes of data. OpenDXM® GlobalX can be used
as either an independent platform or in conjunction with an existing OpenDXM® installation. OpenDXM®
GlobalX is a collaboration platform for companies in any industry who need to exchange and distribute
data securely

Product Name: OpenPDM®

OpenPDM® is the leading product for PLM system
integration worldwide. OpenPDM®, with its proven,
out-of-the-box components, provides you with the
unique opportunity to launch your project quickly
and ensure a high standard of quality and reliability.

Product Name: PROSTEP PDF Generator 3D

PROSTEP PDF Generator 3D, fully integrated solution to the
Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite (ES), is a solution for server-
based conversion of 3D CAD data to 3D PDF. Originally
developed by Adobe, this technology is now provided exclusively
by PROSTEP and updated to run on the LiveCycle ES2

Product Name: Windchill
Company: PTC

Windchill is Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software for managing product content and streamlining product development processes.  It is fast, secure, web-based collaboration software that enables companies to develop efficient business processes and effective management of complex information assets including product designs, service documentation and regulatory submissions

Product Name: BOSS quattro
Company: SAMTECH

BOSS quattro is an open application manager for parametric analyses, design of experiments, multidisciplinary optimization and sensitivity analysis, statistic analyses and updating. BOSS quattro is a complete MDO (Multi-Disciplinary Optimization) environment which allows to explore your design space from simple parametric studies to automatic optimization.
BOSS quattro is developed and commercialised by SAMTECH.

Product Name: LegaSuite
Company: Seagull Software Systems, Inc.

LegaSuite is an application modernization platform that offers a range of tools to quickly and easily reuse the information locked away in your proven business applications.

Product Name: VPindex V4
Company: softelec GmbH

With VPindex you can capture, clean, edit, and index legacy documents and CAD drawings quickly, elegantly, and efficiently - independent of sizes and formats. An automated OCR capture of text from title blocks or from other isolated positions will provide a quick document retrieval. Any recorded text content can be transferred directly to a standard database or document management system. Index data can also be used to automatically assign new document file names.

Product Name: scSTREAM
Company: Software Cradle Co., Ltd

scSTREAM is general purpose, structured mesh (Cartesian or cylindrical) thermal fluid analysis software.  scSTREAM has been used in a wide variety of commercial applications since it was first released in 1984 especially for building aerodynamics, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning), and civil engineering applications.  scSTREAM can also be used for electronics cooling applicaitons.  Over the years since it's inception, scSTREAM has increased its capabilities to appeal to a broader range of general applications.

Product Name: SolidWorks Enterprise PDM
Company: SolidWorks Corporation

SolidWorks Enterprise PDM is a full-featured data management solution for organizations large and small.

Product Name: Accolade Document Routing
Company: Sopheon Corp.

Sopheon's Accolade® document routing module streamlines the document approval process and helps improve communication among teams regarding all relevant aspects of compliance. It speeds the creation of deliverables, enables easy monitoring of their progress and reduces the amount of time executives and team members spend searching for important information.

Product Name: NCSIMUL Publisher
Company: SPRING Technologies Inc

NCSIMUL Publisher addresses the needs of the manufacturing sector. It is the the most proven solution for the creation, management and publication of Process and Quality documents.
  • Produce your documents more easily: input automation, recovery of external data and action sequencing ("smart document" concept);
  • Management of document life cycles;
  • Publication in the workshop on Web client stations;
  • Structured documents and data: in-document search, no data redundancy, update tracability;
  • Parameters are easy to set to match your corporate environment and document formats;
  • Modules and interfaces adapted to machining and assembly.
For more information, click on the product name above.

Product Name: STATISTICA Document Management System
Company: StatSoft Inc.

The STATISTICA Document Management System (SDMS) is a complete, highly scalable, database solution package for managing electronic documents.

Product Name: MYSTAT
Company: SYSTAT Software, Inc.

MYSTAT is a free, streamlined, student-oriented variation of the SYSTAT 13 flagship product, featuring statistical routines that are covered in undergraduate-level statistics, science, and social science courses.

Product Name: SYSTAT 13
Company: SYSTAT Software, Inc.

SYSTAT is a powerful and versatile statistical software package. It employs a staggering range of powerful techniques to help conduct many types of research

Product Name: Trix Organizer
Company: Trix Systems Inc.

Trix Organizer is a powerful document archiving and retrieval database that's easily installed and maintained by an IT department. Designed specifically for engineering use, it includes a built in viewer, markup sharing, check out/check in for editing, thumbnail views, version histories and individually personalized search and classification categories.

Product Name: FLY Batch™
Company: Visual Integrity

FLY Batch™ is a versatile developer's tool which powers automated, centralized, server-side, high-volume and real-time batch processing
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